Friday, July 18, 2014

Nerf Highlight reel - (Mega Thunderbow, Demolisher, & More)

Nerf was awesome enough to send along some new video for a bit of an early release. While it covers some of the older products (Fusefire, Super Soakers, etc.) the big draw here is the Nerf N-Strike Mega Thunderbow and Nerf N-Strike EliteDemolisher along with a peek at Dude Perfect, Nerf's resident trick shot experts.

A good portion of the gamut of Nerf Life is evident here, from Zombie Strike to Super Soaker, though Nerf Dog and Nerf Rebelle may be getting videos of their own. 

2014 is going to finish strong from the looks of it! What have you picked up from the new lineup? What do you plan to get?

(I'm... uh... waiting for them to show up on store shelves.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nerf RhinoFire firing video - (link to Instagram)

A user on Instagram posted a Rhino Firing video, check it out here -

Confirms the barrels "pump" and alternate firing, a bit tough to see the trigger setup but looks like there is one, but two handles. That is possibly the accelerator trigger on top. Hopefully we can get a better look in the coming weeks!

Monday, July 07, 2014

BREAKING UPDATE: Nerf Rhino-Fire Press Release! Full info!

Nerf Blaster Tops 100.... Dollars! Say Hello the Elite Rhino-Fire
By Vas Stampede
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire. 90' range. MSRP: $100.00 Available Fall 2014.
UPDATE: Here's the full press release straight from Nerf:
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Fall 14)
Dominate the competition with the biggest, baddest NERF blaster yet! The N-STRIKE ELITE RHINO-FIRE blaster is the first fully automatic NERF blaster featuring rapid-fire, double barrel blasting, an amazing 50 dart capacity and two N-STRIKE ELITE dart drums, turning ordinary battles into extraordinary ones. The epic RHINO-FIRE blaster sends darts soaring impressive ELITE distances of up to 90 feet, and features both a front handle for mobility and tripod to ensure awesome accuracy. Includes 50 N-STRIKE ELITE darts.  Six “D” batteries required, not included. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Nerf Rhino images came off Amazon Spain, but nothing really solid to go on yet except the name and box art (which might change as well.)
Have fun!

  Whew! Ok, so if I may chime in... holy carp.

Back at the Nerf All Access event (videos are posted at click click bamf and AFON so far) we were informed there was one more big blaster coming. I'm guessing this is it. If anyone experienced a letdown with the Cam CS-12 being revealed, hopefully this is more your speed?

The story so far:

Available Fall 2014 (most likely around the holidays)
Wal-Mart Exclusive
MSRP: $99.99
Range: 90'
Includes 50 Darts, a tripod (I'm assuming 2 x 25 round drums)
Requires 6 D batteries (!)

While I'd prefer to wait for the actual product, here's some of the chatter:

Pistoning barrels (like the Pulsator)
Tac-Rails (of course)
I'm sure it's only one trigger, but the early speculation also says maybe selective firing capabilities.

I already thought $80 was a bit high for the Cam, but this one tops out at $99.99, definitely for the holiday shopping frenzy. With dual barrels and who knows what else by release, this is a huge gambit to see just how much people are willing to pay, especially around holiday splurging. For the cost and the range, and the ultimately big bad feeling to come with a blaster like this, I wonder how fast it will be snatched up. If the Centurion sales (lots of people DID buy them, regardless of the performance) this just might be a big beast during the holiday season. Personally, I'm very interested to see the final product, as impressed as I am with this hype and promise at the moment. Only one way to be sure!

Anyway, thoughts?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nerf All Access Event: Year 2014 & beyond!

Nerf All Access - Google Hangout with the Nerf Team
By Vas Stampede

Whew! Finally recovered, and on Thursday, June 26, myself, Mr. K from Adult Fans of Nerf, CJ from Click Click BAMF, and Blaster Labs arrived in NYC for the annual meetup/media event with the Nerf team to go over the new products for the coming Fall. 
Hard to believe this was my 5th year. Wow. Anyway, a lot of this I saw at New York Toy Fair but months later, here we are. There was a LOT of info with garnered from the design team, so I am  getting a little help from at least CJ and Mr. K to put it together.
- I can tell you this though, the Nerf Double Strike is still in the works! It will fire a single dart per prime, no multishot madness here.
- The development cycle is still about a year to a year and a half from drawing board to production, so at Toy Fair what I saw was halfway through.
- Some designs are actually held back in anticipation of doing them better, the upcoming Nerf Elite Cam CS-12 is one such instance.
There was a lot more! Coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the pics! Still working on the gallery but these should tide you over in the meantime.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Lord Quad Blaster! (Nerf)


Price: $19.99 ( - ordered)
Range: 20'-30'
Nerf Elite darts x 4
Quad Blaster x 1

(The pics are reposts - But the video is new!)

There it is! The Star Lord Quad Blaster in all its glory. Last seen at New York Toy Fair, I managed to order one off

The blaster has 2 triggers -> one opens the blaster up exposing the extra barrels, and the other fires darts. There are 2 slides behind each barrel that pull back and return to position, priming the blaster. Depending on which barrels have darts in them, those darts will fire. If all 4 barrels are loaded, the inner barrels fire first, then the outer. If you load darts any other way whichever barrels are loaded will fire (smart ARs).

Pretty basic, front-loading and a pullback slide with a sweet gimmick. It's almost the perfect formula for a licensed product. And as far as licensed products go, I'm more used to them going 10'-15', not 25'-30'. And that's what you're going to get out of this blaster. So while not on par with many Elite/other brands, it doesn't have to. The push here isn't someone looking for performance (mostly) but a comic fan who is looking to tag their nearest Ronan The Accuser-looking friend for fun. Costumers may get a kick out of this and folks who check out the movie that will become new fans of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Is it worth the $20? I enjoy the gimmick of the blaster, regardless of the ranges. I like my Nerf games stock and up close anyway, so 20'-30', 50', whatever that's not what I got it for. I got it cause it looks cool and people will understand why I yell "OOGA CHAKA OOGA CHAKA" as my new battlecry :) I will admit, I thought the ranges were a little longer at Toy Fair, but I don't really care. It's easier to holster when it's closed up, but I'd probably use it by itself and not as a sidearm because that's just how I do things.


Pssst.... this was on the back. Looks like there is another blaster coming out! Star Lord doesn't get to have all the fun :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nerf Rebelle for 2014 Spotted!

Thanks to Mr. K at AFON for the tip, potted the Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies lineup (with the exception of the Rapid Red) at Toys R Us!

Picked up the Agent Bow ($24.99) and the Diamondista ($9.99) for now, aim to pick up the others later.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Mattel BoomCo - F2A First Impressions on the Rapid Madness

BoomCo Rapid Madness First Thoughts!

(Recorded this late last night while I was putting together the review - I picked the blaster up late at Target, it was a surprise to see it, will update with a better video once I am rested and have better light. In the meantime, here are some pictures:

Hey everyone! So I picked up the BoomCo Rapid Madness last night. Enjoy the gallery -

The BoomCo shield is removable, and the pump is double action!

Price: $49.99 (!?)

Rapid Madness x 1
Darts x 30
Throwable "Round" x 1
Shield x 1
Target board x 1; Instructions x 1

BoomCo is Mattel's foray into toy blasters. They don't use foam darts, and the big gimmick is this "sticky technology" on the dart tips that are specially formulated to react and stick to specifically developed targets. It's a huge line, and coming from one of the top toy makers in the world, is it enough to challenge Nerf, a brand that has become eponymous with toys that shoot darts and other projectiles?

In the past, many other brands have come and go - Light Strike, Max Force, gel shooters, and so on. The difference here is Mattel is much bigger than the other companies trying to broach the blaster market in the past. They have deep pockets for R&D and Marketing which really help getting your brand and toy noticed.  

"Sticky" technology, you say? According to Mattel's techs, they formulated the rubber/polymer/whatever on the darts to only react/stick to the specially designed targets. And they do! It's amazing! It could theoretically make hit-tracking and scorekeeping much easier depending on what rules/gametype you, the player, devise. And it's a strong grip, too. Any other surface/material and the darts just bounce.HOWEVER - CAVEAT - the stickiness will fade if not maintained; you have to rinse the darts regularly or use tape to remove debris. Have no fear, the instructions have.... instructions on how to do this. The Round included is entirely composed of the sticky material, which.... gives me some scenario-style ideas. But more on that as the line develops.

The darts themselves are constructed of a thick straw-like plastic, topped with the sticky material. I don't have a scale to tell you a difference in the weight of these darts vs. foam. If I had to attest to durability, I'd rather take the darts out to a game rather than hypothesize, and see the attrition that way. The foam darts are definitely thicker, and you can find a pretty good overview at UKNERF..
The dart was fine!

Let's look at the BoomCo Rapid Madness. At $49.99 + tax, I was a little leery about buying it. There are/were numerous blasters of similar function in the past (Magstrike, Powerclip for starters) but they were also pre-Elite and at most were hitting 20-30', probably. The Rapid Madness outdoes that with 50' in range (see the video above!). It also comes with a shield, a target, and a throwable projectile (see previous paragraph).
The Rapid Madness! (Shield is attached and closed up)

The "Round" - both halves stick together when they are pressed, they separate for easy cleaning.

Functionally speaking, we've been there, done that. Pump the blaster (at most) 18 times (a double-action pump no less), pull the trigger, and point where you want to unleash your straw/rubber-sticky doom. The only difference in this instance is the 50' in range vs. maybe 30' in earlier blasters. It's this similarity though that makes me question the price, even with the extras included.

The blaster is fully automatic, so it is definitely a spray and pray kind of experience. I found myself wanting to use a grip with my offhand besides the pump, but there really isn't another place on the barrel that seemed like a good fit. Aiming from the shoulder also seemed improper because of the nature of the blaster, so I actually found shooting from the waist better, again with the spray and pray idea. The double action nature of the blaster's pump might make it feel slower to refill with air, and depending on your play style this may or may not be your cup of tea. Once your first salvo is out.... MOVE. However, as you can see in the (newly added) video, doing bursts of darts isn't too hard with the Rapid Madness.

The shield mounts on the barrel and deploys at the press of a button. Even though there is a sort of iron sight on it I felt like the shield made aiming a bit more difficult, which made shooting from the hip even more preferable. In fact, like the Nerf Stampede shield I felt better just having it off. I also don't think the blaster is for lefties, since the clip loads from the left of the barrel and has to be inserted that way due to the arrow guides. There was a bit of the blaster near the grip that would dig into my hand as well, whether that is because of the design for kids or a flaw in construction I am not sure.

The blaster itself had a separation in the shell already as well -
The shell seemed a bit opened here.
But it worked and as the video shows, the volley needed some dialing in but otherwise it worked pretty well. When I have some time (and daylight) to update the video outside to check max range, I will. The pump felt durable and sturdy, as did the rest of the blaster (something you can expect when a company like Mattel is doing the building.) My nephew (he's 11) thought it looked pretty cool, and got a kick out of shooting it.

When it boils down to it, what are we looking at? The Rapid Madness is expensive for a mechanic we've already seen elsewhere. It requires stocking up on Yet Another Ammo Type, and even then the BoomCo ammo gimmick may fade out over time and leave you with darts that do little else but bounce like any other darts but at a premium price (for the blasters that launch them, if not the darts themselves.) However the range is on par with the current market of available blasters (at least, until certain 90-100' blasters hit shelves later this year) and honestly they do look pretty slick and futuristic. The sticky tech sounds like it'll be a lot of fun to play around with and I'm willing to give the line a chance and see where they go. If you want to try something new maybe give this a look. But with its price maybe check out some of the lower priced blasters before you go with the Rapid Madness. Honestly, of all the blasters in the line, I wish I had found the Twisted Spinner first, based on the uniqueness of the blaster alone.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know in the comments! NOTE: I moderate comments, so if they don't show up right away, don't worry about resubmitting! I will get there and read them. :)